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The residential cleaning is a growing market :

The market of housekeeping service is growing exponentially since the early '80s, due to the heavy involvement of Canadian women in the labour market. This growth has been intensified in recent years thanks to the improvement of the quality of life of the Canadian households paying more and more importance to leisure and therefore trying to get rid of the burden of housekeeping. Also let us note the growth of the sector due to the fiscal advantages that the government grants to certain persons resorting to our services.

The demand for housing and other durable goods and services such as gardening and housekeeping varies according to the evolution of the number and the characteristics of the households. During the last decade even if we observe a slowing down of the rhythm of the growth of the population, there was an increase of the number of household, as more and more people are choosing to live alone so engendering a reduction in the average size of households without forgetting that the type of nuclear family has become the rule.

From the model projected number of households according to "Statistics Canada," we are confident that this rapid growth will continue for the next 20 years.

Household size at the national level and for three provinces as an example:

Sheet Residential Cleaning

These statistics show clearly that the service sector to the person is a very good opportunity for a warned entrepreneur. It is also a recent market in the very important potential of growth.

Furthermore we hold regularly market studies by city and district to follow closely the evolution of the demand of the housekeeping and advise our franchisees the most profitable sectors.

The Concept of the triangle Ménage-Pro is based on the idea of giving our customers the experience of a unique residential cleaning service where they will be in the center of our attention.

Triangle Cleaning Franchise

Representing one of our concept sides, our franchisees participate daily to the satisfaction of our customers, and we are working at the same time to meet the satisfaction of these exceptional persons who made of Ménage-Pro formula the reference of the residential cleaning service.

Our franchisees are selected after a rigorous investigation process based primarily on their honesty, perseverance and motivation.

Subsequently Ménage-Pro offers its franchisees training and ongoing monitoring accompanied by the guarantee of an excellent standard of living and prospects for unlimited growth.

If you are looking for a business opportunity allowing you to gain your freedom ensuring you a very good quality of life Ménage-Pro should be your choice.

An incomparable cleaning franchising offer :

We offer to our franchisees a unique accompaniment on the market. Among the main advantages we offer them we note:

  • Prospects selected and grouped together in areas of their choices.
  • High effectiveness advertising techniques.
  • An initial and continuous technical and commercial training.
  • Tested working methods and technics.
  • Equipment and professional products of high quality.
  • Fiscal and accounting consultation offered by professionals.
  • Assistance to the incorporation or registration of their business.
  • High potential operation territories.
  • A lucrative sponsorship system.
  • A recognized brand image.

Conditions of entrance to our network :

  • All candidates must have a sponsor franchisee before applying.
  • The applications are examined closely and then an inquiry concerning the candidate is conducted. (a processing fee of $ 125 is required for each candidate) *
  • Applicants must pass a selection interview.
  • Candidates must attend and succeed the training sessions before being able to operate.

* We accept only check payment to the account of Ménage-Pro, they must be sent by post to our head office, please indicate clearly you phone number at the back of the check.

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