The home cleaning service reference

A leader in the home cleaning services:

Menage-Pro or the cleaning by professionals has succeeded to become the reference in the field of home cleaning service during the last few years in Quebec. In addition to offering the highest quality of home cleaning service, our mission is to make you live a unique experience of cleanliness where we transform your home into a haven of peace.

Few years ago, Menage-Pro was a small operator in the field of residential cleaning. Today, this modest young company has experienced tremendous growth and become synonymous of performance and quality thanks to the high standards of intervention of the customer service department. The latter is always available to listen and give the right information.

We are a residential cleaning company that has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors with our very high standards of quality. In fact, we succeeded to reinvent the home cleaning service so that the customer no longer needs to have very high incomes to offer himself a home cleaning service of very good quality.

Satisfied customer with our home cleaning services:

We are well aware that you have work and family commitments that prevent you from doing the home cleaning. We also know that you do not want to be the employer of your cleaners, given the cost and commitment that it may entail. These same reasons are the essence of our existence, in other words, we offer you a home cleaning service that disengages you and give you more free time.

Efficiency and discretion are the key words that guide our services. Over the years we have built a reputation of reliability and attention to details through our constant concern for maintaining quality. So we have been able to satisfy 95% of our customers while sparing no effort to achieve 100 % customer satisfaction.

We gained our customers’ loyalty all these years thanks to our ability to consistently maintain the same quality of service and also to our ability to offer a personalized home cleaning service in all our interventions.

The satisfaction of our customers is a goal that sits atop our concerns.

Our philosophy:

While cultivating a business philosophy based on customers’ satisfaction, Menage-Pro has always been honoured to operate and offer an unparalleled services in the residences of all its clients who trusted it. Today in Quebec, experienced teams within the organization constantly work hard to ensure that the service is rendered with utmost care and is always of top quality.

Menage-Pro will continue to assert its position of leadership in the industry because its success depends mainly on the pursuit of excellence, a sense of community involvement and responsible leadership in environmental matters. Menage-Pro concept is based on a reliable support of service. 

Listening to our customers’ needs in terms of the home cleaning service always motivates us to personalize and customise our work plans according to their special needs.

A unique concept:

The success of our formula is based on a simple and effective concept that allows you to prepare, with the help of our franchisees, a work plan tailored to your needs. We realized that the only way to have satisfied customers is to have responsible franchisees. Our teams are made up of couples who manage their own affairs themselves. Each team member is assigned specific tasks based on a work plan that you have customized in the estimation visit.

Our formula provides a home cleaning service provided by professionals. From the first day these professionals, are well equipped whether in terms of training, practices or their working methods experiences; they can complete all your home cleaning tasks in less time. This allows them to gain enough to live decently and offer you a cleaning service of high quality at a very affordable price.

Our guarantees:

You have doubts about the quality of our services? This is quite normal if this is the first time you deal with Menage-Pro.

Our franchisees guarantee you 100% satisfaction; if unfortunately it happens that you fall in our 5% dissatisfied customers for reasons that might be beyond our control, please contact us within 24 hours after your cleaning visit , and the work will be done again at no charge , and if you are still not satisfied you will be refunded .

We offer you a free estimation visit done by franchisees who are covered by reliability insurance.