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Even if you're a skilled actor and invited to the tables of hundreds of people just in time for aperitif, you're none the less confronted with the thousands of little hassles of daily life. Let's admit that housework, crafts, sewing, or even the making of a homemade pie, have been deemed troublesome by a majority of people. The exception are those who soften the hard edges and hunt for bargains : We consider them as highly smart people on the lookout for tips that don't cost anything.

Here, you'll learn how to revive a scorched pot with the help of potato peelings, to restore white running shoes with toothpaste, to descale your coffeemaker with white vinegar, to painlessly remove paint from your skin, to retrieve your wedding ring with a vacuum cleaner as well as a ton of tips on how to save your sweater after a devastating trip to the dryer... We'll help you dedust your knowledge about perfect mixes by laying out all the details and abilities of those miracle products : from the always-great white vinegar over sodium bicarbonate and green lemon to black soap .
Our cleaning ladies will intrigue you and show you their best strategies.

Increasing the economy with which you clean your home:

Home Cleaning Cost

Knowing that you are saving as much cash as possible when you are cleaning is essential to ensuring that you keep abreast of your accounts. You will no doubt understand that times are tight and there is not a huge amount of money to be had out there in the world, so saving the pennies is as important as ever. 


Filippino cleaning lady accused of witchcraft in Saudia Arabia:

Cleannig LadyThe Saudis take witchcraft very seriously. The religious police has recently received training on how to handle cases concerning black magic.
According to the report from the newspaper Sabq, a Saudi man suspects his Filipino cleaning lady of witchcraft against his family, putting the cleaning lady in hot water.


Professional Home Cleaning Service – Advantages and Benefits:

Professional Home Cleaning Service

Whether you are an owner of a home or a business, cleaning will always be one of the many issues that need to be done. But in today’s dynamic world, most people have fewer chances to relax and spend some quality times with friends and families for the added burden of home cleaning after a very long tiring day at work seems like too much to handle.